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You Can Now Google + Your Business

Yes it has been coming for a while but the thing that business owners and brands alike that have a geek streak in them like me have been waiting for has finally come! You can now have a Google + page for your business!

Now before “certain” readers get carried away and see this as the second coming that will do nothing but help them jump up the rankings and get them the holy grail of a number one listing in Google by having a page, sorry to disappoint it isn’t going to be that easy. HOWEVER I do believe that it will make an impact if you are actively sharing GOOD QUALITY and regular information with your readers and regular clients alike.

So is it a coincidence that the pages have been released a few days after an update on Google called Freshness? Well probably not, the changes would have been planned for one reason or another. I am guessing that for those that are claiming and actively using their Google Plus Page to interact with their followers and clients!

For example, I have created a few “Circles” on my page! One is for my Facebook fans, one is for my twitter followers and the other is for my clients. Now a lot of my Twitter and Facebook followers will be the same but for my clients I can post messages on there about regular updates and testing results that bring in good results for them (Only fair they are paying for my services after all?).

So now I can hear people sighing saying “Oh great yet another thing to update on a regular basis!” well yes it is but at the same time if you use it properly to interact with your clients and potential clients it has a lot of benefits. For example anyone reading this that clicks on my Big Red Google + Button will be invited to a Q&A session within the Google + circle later this month! That is free SEO advice simply by clicking on the Google + button! (are you getting the way this can work for you yet?)

So I look forward to interacting with you on Google + Soon!

Oh and you might notice I have added a nice Facebook comment plugin to the site so you can add comments via Facebook if you want to. Just trying to make your lives easier!

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  1. wedding jewellery on November 8, 2011 at 11:03 am

    why are my ears burning? ‘certain’ readers eh?

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