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Who Needs Social Media?

Firstly my deepest apologies for having not posted in a while things here at the den have been a little more manic than normal! Secondly anyone that has been trying to contact me in the past few days by telephone again my apologies, the phone is missing in action! Still turned on but for how long I have no idea! Being without a phone has made me realise just how much I relied on my phone for more than just talking to people on it voice to voice. Not having my Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email directly to hand while I have been out and about has been a nightmare.

That lead me to start thinking about how much we are using social media in business and I found this little gem of a video which I think you will all appreciate.

Some interesting and crazy figures in there but as Facebook heads towards 700 MILLION users I am sure you will agree this is not something that can be ignored anymore?

Update! Just to show how fast things move!! The 2011 version of the video was released only a few hours ago and you can watch below :o)

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  1. Claire on June 13, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    Jesus. It’s pretty amazing when you look at social media that way – and I was particularly interested by the bits about advertising. Off to follow some successful business tweeters, and learn by example I think!

    Thanks for sharing these, Steve – I hadn’t seen them before.*

    *I admit, I watched the first one, then scrolled down to see there was an update and couldn’t bear to face any more shocking stats! I’m assuming it’s like the first one, but facebook got bigger? 😉

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