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What a Load of Old Twosh

Friday afternoon I was heading to the station for a whole 48 hours away from my desk when I received two tweet alerts on my phone. The first was lovely from someone I helped. The second is below (normally I wouldn’t leave names open but this bugged me quite a bit):


Doesn’t sound like me, I thought to myself. So I went and checked and sure enough I was following this person. I have to say I am no longer following them as they were not following me and I saw the opportunity to remove their opinion and views from my feed, let’s face it they weren’t interested in what I had to say?

So what’s the point Hoops? Well I have over the past 3 years been involved in the development of a number of Twitter, Facebook and other social media applications using the technology they provide for development called API! Not once have I put the tools into production because they are not accurate enough to work properly.

Developers will tell you that they run applications on the APIs and they work fine! From a customer service and marketing point of view most don’t ever function 100%!

So what lesson to be learned? First social media isn’t about the number of followers you have in ratio to the number of people you follow! It is about being social talking and helping people out! The world would be a better place if we all do it!

Second don’t rely on tools to manage your followers you should always double check to make sure the information is correct!

Third if you are reliant on software doing all the work and do care about making a bit of a fool of yourself, turn off the user alert option, someone might just be sat on a train blogging about you!

And Finally (in my best Trevor McDonald newsreader style) Follow people that interest you and you want to make conversation with, expect to get nothing back in return and you might actually be pleasantly surprised that you get something.

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