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We are Branching Out

Over the past few years the importance of brand has become more and more important with regards to getting ranked, noticed and to bring in visitors and customers to your website.

In resent changes that Google made to their search algorithm we have started to notice even more how important it is to get your company brand and name seen and known to get good rank and conversion.

It is with this in mind and after some careful testing and trials we here at UK Wedding SEO are delighted to announce that we have formed an alliance with Sprae PR in order to offer PR services to our clients.

PR is becoming more and more essential to get your product out there and to get seen by your clients even realise they need your products or services! So being able to offer this to our clients is a huge bonus for us and for our clients.

Not satisfied with that we have also been working hard to ensure another area of the business is also moved forward and we have also formed an alliance with Aardvark Corporate Films for their new service YouShoot!

I have been harping on about video being important for all websites for longer than I care to remember and a few months ago from the depths of the Den we hatched a plan that when done properly will bring you new business through your website using the power of video.

And now we are in a position to not only offer the SEO and video but the power of the PR that goes with it. Putting you our clients in a very powerful position.

We have for the past few months been trying out a few things with our clients in order to make sure our thoughts on algorithm changes are right and we can confirm we are spot on. What this means is that you can now get PR, SEO and Video services all through the one channel, all working together with the same goal in mind and through the working together we all work together to get you to your overall goal faster.

We are delighted to be working with Sprae and Aardvark from now on and we look forward to using the power of these alliances to position our clients at the top of their markets.

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