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UK Wedding SEO a Year in Review

As many of you know UK Wedding SEO has been running for a year as of the 11th of January but as 2012 draws to a close I wanted to just give you all some idea of what we have achieved this year so far with only 2 weeks to go!


Our Team Has Grown

Yes we went from being a one man band to expanding out to having a team of three! Yes the one man and his dog experience lasted until September this year when we were joined by our PA and assistant Tiana as well as Hannah who is taking on Website Design. It doesn’t stop there as during 2012 the plan is to expand again with some more bodies on the SEO team to ensure we continue to give the best service to our clients and get them rankings, traffic and clients.

Website Design
Website design hasn’t been a major part of what we were planning to do with the business but I have to say it became a massive part of the business this year. We launched over 30 websites this year as well as helping a number of others with their website designs as well.

When you think that this wasn’t part of the original plan launching over 2 websites a month has been something that we are very proud of and seeing the businesses that we have launched for progress and get amazing comments about their sites as their businesses grow has been very rewarding.

Site Reviews
When I realised that not everyone was able to afford an SEO package I introduced the site review to our services. When I did I had absolutely no idea how popular they would be and how much of an impact that they would have on peoples businesses. So much so when we ran a contest last year for someone to win a site review the winner wrote to us telling us that the website traffic had gone up over 50% in 2 months.

During the year we have carried out over 50 site reviews for our clients totalling over 275,000 words.

Search Engine Optimisation
The core of what we do and I have to say the rapid growth of what we have achieved this year. With 26 monthly clients on SEO contracts we are working on a daily basis to make sure that our clients get the benefit of our SEO skills by having activity going on a daily basis.

During the year…..

We track over 1000 keyphrases daily
We test over 10,000 pages of our clients websites and sites they have content on daily.
We have built over 45,000 links
We created over 10 hours of video and distributed it into over 200 hours of video online.
We have clients ranked number one in Google UK for over 500 keywords that we track.
We have over 5000 tracked keywords on the front page of Google.
We have six clients as finalists for major awards in January.
And to top it all Steve lost 5 stone in weight and ran a half marathon!

All of this and we still have 2 weeks to go!!!! Exciting things to come in 2012 as well….

New Dedicated Web Design Agency
SEO Hints and Tips Videos through the UK Wedding SEO site
Mobile Application Development for Small Business
Moving to New Offices
And somewhere Steve is going to find the time to run the Paris Marathon (all 26.2 miles of it)

So as always to quote someone I can’t remember “It’s gonna be a hell of a ride and we would love to have you along with us!”

Happy New Year everyone may it be successful and full of laughter and fun the whole year long!

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