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Three Reasons You Need Video

With our resent alliance with Aardvark Corporate Films and the ever growing Conversion rates for sites that have video I thought it was important to let you all know of a few points on why video is so important. Many people say to me I hate being in front of the camera and make any excuse under the sun not to make videos, in the mean time their competitors are making videos and are outranking them in the search rankings because of it,

So three reasons you need video on your website:

1. People love video! Seriously if people have the opportunity to watch a video over reading a page of text they will take the video every time. So by adding video to your site you are reducing the effort the client has to put in to find out about your products or services. Let’s face facts you watched the video on the site before you read the article didn’t you?

2. Video ranks well! Anyone that tells you different obviously missed the fact that the worlds largest search engine purchased the worlds largest video website! They probably also missed the fact that video when it shows in the search ranking shows with a thumbnail and the human eye is drawn to a picture over text so what would you rather rank with?

3. Get over being camera shy and create unlimited content for your site and brand. Once you get past the fact that you are a little camera shy you can easily move yourself from creating two or three blog posts a week, you can soon record five or six a week using video in a fraction of the time. Chances are they will rank better as well.

So even though most people think that I am boring them when I say how important video is for websites and business you will notice that there are actually legitimate reasons for SEO and conversion. So get yourself out there and get making video. And if you are not sure how then drop us a line at and we will get in touch and let you know how you can utilise a great new service from our partners at Aardvark who will get you started.

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