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Social and Antisocial Media

This post comes with a severe sarcasm warning!

In my last post ( I pointed out that a good social media footprint was essential for making an impact in the search engines these days. And I find myself a few days later wondering what some people actually think social means? Below we look at the difference between social and antisocial media.

I hear time and time again “I don’t understand social media and how it can help me?” it is normally about the same time they say “I don’t get many visits to my website.” I normally then go on to explain how the important side of social media is the word “social”. What do I mean? OK let me explain the difference between success in social media and making people fed up with your brand.

What not to do!

You get an offer from someone that wants desperately to sell you their services as a Social Media Manager. You say “Hell Yeah here are all my logins for Social Media!” and then let them get on with it. Then you end up with a whole bunch of messages going out to your followers that have ZERO interaction with your audience and the number of Spam accounts that follow you on Twitter goes up, as well as the number of people who “hide” your posts on Facebook. (yes people really do that when they don’t want to see your spammy rubbish in their feed)!

So that is the what not to do, basically where people just put their message out over and over and over again and don’t give you any real value, you know the ones. That automated software that says “In 4 hours time tweet this message” then when it has tweeted and you are in the bath or out walking the dog for a few hours and someone says “Hey I was asking that just the other day do you know xyz?” You don’t answer till the next day and in the mean time they have the answer from your competitor.

What you should do!

You get an offer from someone that wants desperately to sell you their services as a Social Media Manager. Understanding that the word SOCIAL means that you talk to people you respectfully decline their offer and decide that you are going to interact with your SOCIAL media audience.

Then you search through people who are asking questions about your business, products and even just help and advice on how your products can improve their lives. Once you have found the people offer help and advice to them. Once you have done this you build up this really strange thing called Trust.

While building trust you are also building what I like to refer to as the “Recommendation Engine” where once you have helped them they will recommend you to others. This builds your social following slowly but surely and you benefit from having loyal and happy followers that you interact with and they spread the word for you about your business, which also helps you get good reviews and citations and this helps build rank.

Twitter feed“WAIT” I hear you cry! “Surely the more I post the more people see it? Ummmm ok lets take a look at how that all works. To your right is an example of how the Facebook spam thing works, notice the posts don’t look natural and there is absolutely no interaction what so ever? Well that is because there is no real value in these posts they are just tweets where both Facebook and Twitter are getting the same message.

Sure enough……over on Twitter (strangely enough) the same posts with no interaction so looking at this we conclude this page of tweets was in fact a complete waste of Tweets from Twittertime and effort. Or do we……. well looking at the analytics……Well a grand total of 9 website visits from all that work on social media. Also of those visits 33% left the site immediately.

There was also another downside to this. Where this site was doing well in gaining pace on its competitors for two major keyphrases that would bring in bucket loads of traffic, this little exercise has zapped those placings from the 2nd page of Google down to the 7th in under 48 hours! There are some good skills in that if you want your site to vanish over night.

So in conclusion if you are going to do social media, and you want to gain from the work that you do on sites like Twitter and Facebook, please do it right cause the wrong way will just make you look like you are spamming people and that will get you blocked and destroy your social signals. Do it properly or don’t bother!


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