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So What does the Royal Wedding Mean for your Business?

So there I was yesterday minding my own business and planning a few blog posts for you lovely people and I had an excited phone call from my Mum! (Yep my Mum still calls me and tells me stuff like that!) “There is going to be a Royal Wedding it is very exciting!” She shouted! However my slightly more analytical mind started working in other ways.

There have been a number of British Royal Weddings in the past 30 years but if you ask anyone the one that sticks in the mind was that of Charles and Diana on the 29th of July 1981. Now this is very significant with Prince William and Miss Middleton as their wedding will no doubt be of substantial size and the media coverage will be like never before. So lets take a look back at 1981 and measure up the differences.

Back in 1981 there wasn’t exactly a spike in marriages but there was a change in trend, in the five years leading up to the Charles and Diana getting married there was a massive drop in weddings. Then between 1980 and 1982 there was a slight rise in the number of weddings with it dropping off again after.

Over the next 24 months things are going to be a little busy in the wedding industry.  So what does this mean for you, your website and your promotions? Well let us just say that event based marketing is going to be in demand over the next few years.

With regards to you personally I feel that if you are serious about your wedding business then you will thrive even more than normal as people search for things that they have seen as part of the Royal Wedding. Your website is going to see a rise in traffic as there is an increase in the number of people getting married and as said before want to find things they have seen or heard are going to be used as part of the Royal Wedding.

The important thing to remember is event and product based promotions. So knowing that I am going to get into trouble for giving one of these away early on, if you for example sell shoes for grooms then you can target some of your online marketing, blog posts and link building at “Replica Shoes Prince William Wore at His Wedding” (just for the record he will probably get married in his Service Uniform).

So in the coming months you will see thousands of bloggers, article authors and websites putting up article upon article about the Royal Wedding and the suppliers they are using along with the finest details of products. This is where you need to be on top of things and keep your own sites and blogs up to date with details of the wedding and how your visitors and customers can have similar items.

This next bit is a bit of a disclaimer with regards to the whole situation. Do not in any way become completely obsessed with the one subject! Not everyone wants the Royal Wedding, so even though you need to cater for all parties if you become a Royal Wedding obsessed blog you might turn people away. Come up with a happy medium, plan your blog and your articles and make sure you have the drop on your competitors. And get guest blogging when the details start coming out, especially if you have those replica products.

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