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Many people know that they need Wedding SEO on their website but not everyone understands what it is and how it can help them. Many believe that there is a magic button that you press and boom you get to number one in Google, others think it is done alphabetically (I wish it was that easy) and then you have those that think it is too complicated to even think about so they ignore it.

The risk of ignoring SEO is that your competitors in the same industry are not ignoring it, and more money is being spent online and more research is being done online now more than ever. So you can ignore it if you want to but I am guessing that by the fact you are here you are not ignoring it and you are here to find out more.

Getting to the top of the search engines is easy, no really it is anyone can do it, some even do it by mistake the key is to get listed and ranked high for the right keywords that not only bring you traffic but high converting visitors that become valuable customers.

Companies that call you up out of the blue and offer to get you ranked high in Google will always tell you they can do a better job than your current company or another company, chances are you are talking to a sales person who is trying to convince you to part company with their commission payment.  A true Search Engine Optimisation company, expert or consultant will not just give you methods of getting to the top of the search engines but also advice on converting your web visitors into paying customers.

Here is what we do!

Pre Project Analysis

Pre Optimisation SEO Analysis

We take a look through your site to check that the basic requirements for SEO are met before work starts.

Keyword Research and Analysis

We look at the keywords that will bring you targeted traffic to your website for the best results.

Competitive Website Analysis

We check out your closest web competitors to see what they are doing to get their websites ranked.

Website Log File Analysis

We take a look through the logs of your website to make sure that your site is working properly.

On Page Optimisation

Title Tag Optimisation

We will either recommend or make changes to your title tags to ensure your content is optimised

Meta Tag Optimisation

Each page on your website has meta tags, when optimised properly will help your optimisation efforts.

Image Alt Tag Optimisation

Your images also rank alongside your content so we make sure that you are fully optimised.

On Page Content Optimisation

We will make recommendations to adjusting your content to fully target the right audience.

HTML Sitemap Creation

To help your visitors find their way around, we will create a sitemap to aid their navigation.

Google Webmaster Tools Setup

Google give you tools to promote your website, tools setup allows us to use these tools to full effect.

Google Analytics Setup

To aid us in tracking the results of your campaign, analytics is to make sure we understand your traffic.

Google XML Sitemap Setup

Google like to have their own sitemap submitted, this one is for the search engines.

Off Page SEO

Unique Article Writing

Unique content distribution is essential for your campaign. We prepare unique articles for you.

Unique Article Submissions

Making sure that your website benefits from from the unique content we have created.

Classified Submissions

High traffic directories help your sites authority and powerful links so we submit your site for you.


Using a method of distributing articles and sharing those articles so they are found.


We create blog posts and distribute them for you to get the links back to your website.

Unique Business Listings

Citations for your website are extremely important when it comes to authority.


If you have video you can supply us with we will market it for you to help your rankings.

Manual Search Engine Submissions

We make sure that you can be found in all the search directories and search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Social Profile Creation

We create social profiles for your business to help with your social media footprint.


Social bookmarking websites help distribute your website and the content of your site.


Creation of extra websites that you can take your blog posts and act as a content containers.


Blogging so it can be seen and making your content visible in as many places as possible.



We will update you each month on what we have been doing for you and what effect it has had.

Monthly Ranking Reports

We will keep you up to date with where your website is ranked in Google every month.

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£375 + VAT per Month
  • All of the above
  • 30 Keyphrases


£525 +VAT per Month
  • All of the above
  • 40 Key Phrases


750 +VAT per Month
  • All of the above
  • 50 Key Phrases


£1600 +VAT per Month
  • All of the above
  • 100 Key Phrases