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SEO is Easy You Don’t Need Me!

seo diyBelieve it or not this was a conversation that came up over Boxing Day dinner! A family member pretty much begged me for help on a project he had invested a lot of time, effort and money into and not mentioned it to anyone! Four months on the budget is gone and the visitor count is, well let’s not over estimate and say zero!

This is not uncommon and I see it time and time again but after a number of years my reaction is now the same every time! “How much did you budget for promotion and SEO?” Always the same answer “I thought I could do it I read a book and I rank well for something that has nothing to do with my site!” Sadly this is where a great deal of small business ventures die a horrible death!

My response in this case was the title of this post “SEO is easy you don’t need me!” two reasons first my turkey curry was going cold and second was partly frustration that anyone would not put in some careful planning to a business venture that could have been successful!

Then I started to think about how true this actually is! A short while ago I wrote a blog post about SEO being a myth but it actually was to point out there are so many elements involved in SEO now that the Search Engine Optimisation title no longer covers all the bases!

Local Search, Social Search, Social Media, Social Bookmarking, Instant Search, Blogging, Pings, Bings and a partridge in a pear tree! Search is evolving on a daily basis, I do what I do because I love it and the challenge of the ever evolving search algorithm is a real daily test!

I see things on a daily basis that make me cringe that people have done on their websites thinking it is the “right thing to do” sometimes what they have done can mean if one thing stops working their website stops working.

Don’t get me wrong I am serious when I say you don’t need me in order to do your Wedding SEO or site promotion there are books out there that tell you all you need to know! But how many of you reading this have tried that approach and got poor or no results?

Many years ago when I started out in business my accountant told me that you would never get a Mechanic to do your accounts for you. At the time I thought he was full of it and just  wanted to make as much cash as possible from me. Then after trying to do my first years tax on my own I realised what he meant, it took him 3 hours to do what had taken me 2 weeks to mess up! And I had a book on how to do it and everything.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying you desperately need me and you need an SEO to do the work for you because you can’t do it on your own I am just pointing out that with the right help, advice and direction you can get from point A to point B a lot faster and without the extra cost in getting dragged into scams and useless short term methods. In the long run you are looking at saving money rather than spending money in the wrong areas, like on books that are normally out of date by the time they make it to the shelves.

SEO, Online Marketing or what ever name that people are giving it this week is ever changing and there is a much bigger picture to promoting your website than adding in a few keywords and sticking up a blog post every now and again. It all counts but you need to be aware of a lot of other factors in order to be able to fully benefit from the traffic you get and where it comes from.
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  1. Claire on January 15, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    A good post as always. I’m finding more and more that trying to “optimise” my sites is taking too long. I know quite a bit about developing and maintaining sites that will rank in search and attract traffic. But every week I learn about half a dozen things I’m not doing! There’s a lot to be said for the amount of time needed to do seo well in the wedding industry. There’s also a lot to be said for the likes of Mashable for keeping up with all the latest things you need to know to improve a site or blog.
    I like to think I’m quite good at optimising my own sites. But there are levels… my business is small and my ambitions are only quiet ones. So the hours I spend reading blogs like this and mashable and other resources are enough. How much SEO is enough really depends on how far you want to take your wedding business I think.

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