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It’s All About Being Fresh!

For my clients that are sick to death of hearing me go on and on about new content and blogging on a regular basis, I hate to be the one to say it but “I told ya so!”

Last week Google released their new algorithm update (yes yet another one) this time called Freshness (lets face it anything had to be better than Panda!). Now according to some experts this is effecting around 35% of searches (searches not to be confused with search terms).

So now when you do a search for Olympics for example the first thing that will show is information on the olympics for London 2012 as that is a more popular result than the olympics of 1900 for example.

Now as things stand we are still researching the impact of the changes that were made last week but as the weeks move forward I would expect to see that more popular search terms getting higher results in the search results. BUT HANG ON…..before you run off to update your blog with a thousand new entries for random bits of content to get you ranked for different things…as I said we are still researching what this actually means and what the benefits of this new algorithm change is.

In the mean time I still maintain that keeping your content fresh and updating your blog on a regular basis will help you in the search rankings long term. So get typing 🙂

Oh and for those attending the Tweet Up at Fetcham Park on the 17th of November arranged by the lovely Pamela at Weddings in Surrey I might reveal the findings then so if you haven’t booked to go make sure you get in quick.

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