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How To Set Up A Business In The UK

When we first looked at how to set up a business in the uk there was a first point of call that we needed, a really good accountant!! We needed someone who offered amazing advice along with a service that meant we could work on the business and not spend hours and hours each week doing the tasks that should be done by someone with a lot more experience. Remember that old saying of “Why would you get a lawyer to check the breaks on your car?” well the same goes for you and parts of your business. For us it was a good accountant. We were lucky enough to be working just around the corner from DLR Accountants in Colchester who specialise in small businesses.

Having worked with David and the team for over 6 years we asked him if he wouldn’t mind giving our readers and valuable clients some information on how to set up a business in the UK so it works best for you. Within moments he responded with this amazing info graphic that should give you all the information that you need to understand in basic terms to understand what you need to set up and why.

How to Set up a business in the UK

More Information on How To Set Up A Business In The UK

The team at DLR Accountants are genuine, friendly and most importantly they really know their stuff when it comes to you getting the most from your business. As you can see from the information that they have provided above, not only is it simple to understand but it is clear and concise. There are so many hurdles put in the way of small businesses when they are starting up that having a clear information channel that can take some of the stresses of starting your own business away from you and handle everything in a professional and fast way that will put you on the road to success.


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