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Hoops v Flash Websites

I have been quite vocal over the past few weeks about Flash programmed websites! I am pretty sure a few people think that I sit in SEO Den plotting to banish Flash from the planet, this isn’t true I just don’t to work with those sites here is why!

This is reason one! This happens more often than you hope it does! Out of date web browsers, software updates and in some cases no thought given to web users during the design process can mean you future customers are bouncing off your website without seeing it!


A while ago I wrote a post about your users spying on your website. Yep with flash using that little spy glass they can’t see how pretty your website is cause Google spiders don’t read Flash websites!



You might have seen that a certain little company called Apple launched a new product. During the launch Steve Jobs (iSteve) announced that there were over 100 million iPhones in circulation. So flash website owners you are blocking access to your website for 100 million users. Just this weekend I watched a frustrated Blackberry user not be able to get a flash player to work on their phone.

So I ask you this, if you went out and purchased a car that would only work on certain roads, crashed without you hitting anything or anything hitting you and you could never see if you were looking for it in a car park would you be satisfied? I am kind of guessing the answer is no?

When you are considering your website and the website technology that will make your website visible there are other ways to make it look nice and work well other than to simply use Flash. You can still present photos in a nice way using technology such as Jquery which is widely used in WordPress blogs.

Now there are web designers out there rolling their eyes and tutting at this article because they believe they know best all the time, well most of it, truth is sometimes us techy sorts get things wrong! When I make a mistake I am the first to admit to the mistake, however there are many out there that do not have the best interest of clients in mind and they just want your money.

Don’t always go for the best sales pitch or the “That looks pretty” syndrome and your business will benefit long term.


  1. Wedding Cakes Somerset on March 8, 2011 at 12:09 am

    I’m loving the analogy Steve – simply explained and helpful as ever! Flashy is sadly all that Flash appears to be, as my Mum would say ‘all fur coat and no knickers’!!

  2. bridal jewellery on March 8, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    i was doubtful when you got rid of the flash on my website and replaced it with the wordpress slideshow..but now I much prefer it and when I look at my website on my Blackberry I can see pics instead of a big blank space !

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