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Hero’s Wedding Competition

So over the past few weeks there has been a lot of talk about a little project called Hero’s Wedding. Well if you have been to the site you have probably seen our name blasted all over the place so I’d better fill you in on the why and how it all came about for us.

I have a number of close friends who are in the armed forces putting themselves in a position to protect the lives we all cherish. To do this they go through a lot of sacrifice and I have seen the families go through the pain of loved ones being away from home for months and months at a time and the pressure that puts on them from both sides. Two of those friends wanted to meet due to the fact that one, a talented photographerby the name of Hayley, wanted to give away a wedding photography package to a military couple. The other friend Emma runs a website by the name of Military Wedding Discounts and knowing both and how they could benefit from the competition being run through both parties.

Well 40 minutes into a lunch with the pair of them we had made a few phone calls and all of a sudden we had 10 suppliers who were willing to give their products and services and the competition went from a photography package to a full blown wedding. Yep the whole thing, venue, dress, suits, shoes, photography and so on. Incredibly the wedding industry suppliers we contacted and who have contacted us have now given products and services in excess of £15,000 in value! (THANK YOU EVERYONE)

The competition is for a military couple to win their entire wedding! Having been through the whole wedding thing it is a completely life changing prize that will mean one couple will be lucky enough to save that sum of cash towards other possible life changing events. So again we can’t thank the suppliers enough for the efforts and services they have offered.

When it became evident that the project was a little bigger than we first thought, I offered to put together a website for the competition to be run through and was born! So from us, if you know of anyone at all that fits the criteria of the entrants and you want them to have the chance to win a life changing (and we mean life changing) prize, then please push them over towards the website and make sure they enter before the end of September!!

Good luck!!!


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