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Friday Five 8th April 2016

It has been an interesting week for us here in the Bat Cave. With weather outside anything from tropical through to Armageddon and the happenings online being very similar! Anyway we are going to take a look at five interesting things from the online world for this week with our Friday Five!

Panama Papers

Friday Five Panama PapersHappy to announce that this week my name wasn’t tied into any hidden billions in Panama, I knew those Gibraltar accounts were the way forward! Yes over 11 million documents have been leaked from a top Panama law firm who have apparently been helping people dodge tax and hide their money for years, they even helped armed robbers hide gold bullion worth £26 million from 1986!

However according to one of the firms founders the big story isn’t the content of the papers it is the fact that their firm got hacked! He is disgusted that this information made its way into the public domain and that all anyone is worried about is the fact that a majority of the worlds wealth has been stashed for years! What about their computer systems? They were hacked……. No I don’t give a monkeys about his computer systems either, whoever “John Doe” is that leaked the documents has done the world a favor and exposed a whole load of corruption that has already seen the end of one leader in Iceland, who will be the next to go?

Social Media Isn’t So Social

I had a bit of a rant this week on the comments on a post about Twitters numbers and I think I was fairly justified with my views. Twitter
numbers are not growing in the same way that Facebook and Instagram are. I’ve been a bit quiet on Twitter for a few months now having been extremely busy and this week I have dived back in to see what people are up to and how much conversation is going on.

Well I can say without any shadow of a doubt that Twitter has become a place where people just post content. There is very little chatting and very little going on in the way of discussion, a majority of what I am seeing in my Twitter feed is people sharing links, photos and Facebook statuses, none of which are very engaging for the people that are seeing this stuff in your feed.

I have always maintained that it is called “Social Media” because it is all about talking to people, and I continue to maintain that is the case. You will get a much better reaction from people that you engage with. I’ve been talking to a few people, some I’ve known for years others are fairly new followers but it is very clear that most people aren’t even monitoring their social media feeds anymore.

Come on everyone where has the banter gone? Where are the questions? Where is the discussion? Posting a question and hoping that it hits the right audience is pie in the sky marketing! Engage with people so when they see something of yours in their feed they know it is of good quality and worth a look! Drop me a tweet! I would love to chat with you!

Google Animal Noise Search

Google Animal NoisesThis is the big one of the week! Entering into Google Search “What sound does a dog make?” will return images that allow you to click and hear what a particular animal sounds like! I mean it isn’t as though kids these days aren’t satisfied with anything but now “No daddy that isn’t what a pig makes, Google says it sounds like this!”.

So now if you have ever wondered the difference between a Humpback Whale and a Bowhead Whale you can simply Google it and it will play the sounds for you!

Be Careful Who You Share Your Social Media Accounts With

DABvzDKJDX4This is related to a YouTube Channel that was created by four partners to show Video Game Videos (yes people actually watch videos of video games!), well lets just say that things didn’t exactly work out as planned and two of the creators of the channel split away and the other two ended up not sharing the revenue from the site that they agreed in 2012!

All seems a bit petty right? Well that is what I thought till you see that there are over 3.3 million subscribers to this particular channel and as such the judge in the case has awarded (ready for this?) $20 MILLION to the other two as the act of not sharing the revenue is seen as fraud!

This leads me to the advice that it is really important you know and trust who has control of your social media accounts!

The Thames Monster

Had to end with a smile this week. The Loch Ness Monster has apparently been seen in the River Thames! A video was released this week showing a black object breaking the surface of the water in the River Thames. You need to have been on a different planet if you haven’t seen this video.

The entertainment from my side was an interview on the BBC website ( that said “Well you can’t do that in Photoshop can you?” Well no you can’t do that in Photoshop but you can do it with things like Adobe Premier and other video editing tools.

Two main things stick out here. First the fact that there is no wake from the object that coming out of the water with a back that looks like it is supposed to be something from the 2014 version of Godzilla. The second thing that really sticks out is that some people still haven’t worked out that video should be shot in landscape and not portrait! Pet peeve of mine and I know that videographers will agree that it is one of the most annoying things on the planet to see a video with black lines down the left and right of the actual video. Turn the camera around and hold it still if you are going to try and capture a prehistoric creature in the Thames. Personally I am not convinced by this being anything but a smudge on the camera or a man with a very clever use of adobe products.

However don’t be surprised if suddenly there are a number of these sightings followed by a pending film. I was lucky enough to spend time with one of the original Blair Witch producers and at the launch of the film there were over 260 websites about the Blair Witch, all but one of them was owned by the film studio…. Watch this space!

That is it for the Friday Five this week. I have a feeling that the new version of WordPress will be released in the coming days so be prepared for a few posts next week on that and keeping your site safe. If you haven’t seen our post on How To Avoid Issues When Upgrading WordPress then check it out, you might find it very helpful and it might even save you a few quid!

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