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Friday Five 5th May

This week has been its usual busy and totally manic organised chaos around the Bat Cave, but we have had some amazing things happening, from a three hour call with the Google Partners team on Wednesday to getting a new furry friend come and visit us for a majority of the week. I’ve pondered over the Friday Five for this week and rather than spout out stories on what has been happening and what we have to offer in the way of our Free Tools, no this week I thought I would offer 5 Tips to help your Wedding Business look more professional online.

Adding A Gravatar To Your Profile

One of my favourite things about WordPress is that it has the ability to be a social site all of its own. People commenting on blog posts (hint hint) and the ability of those people to become part of your websites community. If you think about the relationships that you build with your clients, followers, future clients, suppliers and so on then you create relationships with them. A Gravatar is your photograph and the way to set one up so you can have your photo next to all of your comments is really easy, this is a video we did a while ago to show you how to set up your own Gravatar.

Save Money On Your Hosting

You might have noticed that we are great advocates for SiteGround Hosting (<— Check Them Out They Are AWESOME!) Well there is a crafty way that you can save a few pounds on your hosting by simply following the video below when you sign up!

Naming Conventions For Images

When it comes to the wonders of SEO, we published a blog post earlier this week about getting your images ranked in Google Image Search. Well as part of that post we mentioned that you would benefit from a proper naming convention for your images. Now with this I have seen two extremes on what can happen, one side of things is the ‘32523525798.jpg’ which happens quite a lot if I am honest, the other is the ‘this-image-shows-a-beautiful-church-and-it-was-taken-with-a-Canon-D5-in-the-late-afternoon-with-dimming-natural-light-at-the-corner-of-you-get-the-idea.jpg’ Well for those of you that are excited about the latter version of this, there is an character limit you can have in a URL’s, which is 2,048. So by the time you have added your you will then have gone well above your character limitations on some cases. Keep it simple and keep it short!

Have a structure that helps you and your visitors identify the images, also help the search engines identify it as well that way you make sure that you are not missing out on the Google Image Search.

Blogging Is STILL One Of the Best Online Marketing Techniques

We have been involved in the wedding industry now for over 6 years (oh my you poor people have been listening to me harp on for six years!)! In that time I have advised every single person that has asked me for any advice what so ever to get blogging! Your business blog allows you to get word out to your customers and cover a whole load of information that they might just find interesting, but it also helps you get ranked for more key phrases. Many of the big blogs (especially industry based) get a majority of their traffic through just a few of their posts that rank well for highly searched key phrases.

There is a good reason why those blogs put out a lot of regular and interesting content as well, it keeps people coming back to read new and exciting content. Get Blogging!

Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel

OK so this tip has a bit of a double meaning. Yes we want more subscribers to our YouTube channel cause we would LOVE to get more views on our videos, however we also want you to never miss out on our content that we are posting out. We have hours of content on there already that will help you with your WordPress website, however coming to the YouTube channel is a whole new series of videos on how to SEO your own website. I hear you “Why is this guy teaching me this isn’t it what he sells?” Well yeah I sell SEO services and yes I would love for you to sign up to one of our SEO campaigns <– Another Hint! However I am a firm believer in educating people, especially entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to do SEO and website maintenance for themselves. In many cases a lot of people struggle with the length of time things take but if we can help your business with one video we will have successfully given you cause to come back the next time you need some help! Don’t miss out on the videos just go over and click subscribe to never miss new content.

That is it for this Friday Five! We hope that we helped you in some way with these little tips? Next week we have two new blog posts coming to you to help you even further

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