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Friday Five 29th of April

Todays Friday Five is a little different as we have some awesome news direct from UK Wedding SEO HQ! In fact THREE of the five in todays Friday Five are direct from the Bat Cave that we like to call HQ. However first off totally unrelated today we have a special guest in the office who I promised to give an honorary mention to. My daughter has been given the Brownie Troop teddy bear Missy to look after for the week and to make sure that Missy got some serious work experience we have had her in the office with us today. (check out our Instagram feed for Missy’s antics!)

Ed Balls Day Turned Five This Week

If you are going to make a boob on social media then there is no better way to do it than the infamous way that Ed Balls did on the 28th of April 2011! After a conversation with one of his assistants, he was advised to check out what people were saying about him on Twitter by running a simple search. Well poor old Ed got his boxes mixed up, something that can get you into all sorts of trouble, and rather than search his name he simply tweeted out to all his followers “Ed Balls”. Luckily Ed has a bit of a sense of humour and doesn’t mind getting involved with the fun…

Facebook Triples Quarterly Profits

Yes Facebook posted its quarterly results this week and sure enough there was a huge jump in profits. There are a number of reasons for this, the first being that their advertising platform is doing very nicely for their revenue which was $5.2 Billion showing a profit of $1.51 Billion. One of the big things, apart from the sheer size of the profits that they are making, is that 80% of the revenue in the last 3 months has been from their mobile apps. And who said the growth of mobile wasn’t going to continue to grow?

We Blogged In Depth!

Many people will have noticed (well by the thousands of you that have visited in the past few weeks) that we have started to blog on a more regular basis, this week saw the first in a series of in depth posts about Google Search as well as how to get ranked and continue to grow your business. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on the information, oh and some treats in store as well.

How Google Search Works

Have You Tried Our New Audit Tool?

Here at UK Wedding SEO we are firm believers in giving you all the tools you need to do as much research on your site as possible in order to make sure that you are best placed to find out how best to get your web pages ranked! Introducing our new improved web page audit tool! Simply go to the page with the audit tool on it here. Simply enter in the required details along with your desired key phrase and then you can have a look and see how your site measures up with regards to the search and even enter competitors to see how you are doing against them! Check it out by simply clicking the link below:

Audit your website

Have you Checked Your Keywords?

So we will be making more of a fuss about this next week but we are delighted to announce that we have implemented an awesome Keyword Research Tool for you to use…. Oh and it is Free! Simply go to and enter in your email address and you will be able to get a very simple set of results on keywords that you think you should be ranking for. We have set it up so you have a traffic light system, Red are the most difficult key phrase to get ranked for, amber are slightly easier and green are the low hanging fruit. The tool will also check to see where your site is ranked for those key phrase already! Couldn’t be simpler? Well how about this, we will take a look at what you are aiming to get ranked for and a few days later we will drop you a line on your email address and see if there is anything we can do or advise you on that will help you rank even better.

Next week we will be taking a look at how to get your images better ranked on Google Image search as well as yet another FREE tool from us to help you manage your social media a lot better.

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