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The Friday Five 22nd of April

As weeks go in the grand scheme of things this one has been busier than a busy thing from busyville.

We Became Platinum Partners

LF_PLATINUM_PARTNER_STACKEDA few weeks ago we were delighted to announce that we became Google partners, something we are very proud of and there is a little badge at the bottom of the website to show our bulging chests. However we have this week become Platinum Partners for a company called Lead Forensics!

Lead Forensics is a whole new level of analytics data! You know when you log into Google Analytics and you see how many visits you have had and what source they came from, you can even see how many page views you have had, now imagine if you had the company information for those companies that visited your website?

Lets put it into a scenario for you. If you have a wholesale part of your business where you provide companies with a product or a service and you are looking to improve that, imagine if you could see those companies visiting your Wholesale or Dropship page? You would be able to make contact with them and see if there is anything you can help them with? Yes it is a bit big brother, yet it is a little creepy to start with but having this information is gold dust and can help you improve your conversion rate no end.

Why not ask us how you can go about getting a demo and how it can work for your business?

Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day

When Google do their daily Doodle’s they are normally pretty impressive, this week saw Google release a number of Doodles to celebrate Earth Day.

The Queen Turned 90!

Seeing any famous person or figurehead in the news for the past 4 months has normally meant an obituary so I was happy to see this week that the Queen has turned 90 years young! Happy Birthday Your Majesty! By the way we didn’t get a slice of cake, there was no party invite and come on you’re the only one in the country that can give us all a day off for no reason……..

Celebrity Deaths Hit The Headlines

For the past 5 months it would seem you can’t turn on the TV without another amazing celebrity having left us. This week with the sad passing of Prince the news channels focused on just that “No it isn’t you they really are all dying!” was one quote that I read. My better half and I have had the discussion quite a lot in the past few weeks saying that it must just be our age but no it is pretty clear that there are more celebrity passing’s this year than we have noticed in the past.

We hope that we have for the time being heard the last of the bad news for a good few months and we look forward to some more positive news coming into our news feeds.

The London Marathon From Space

If you didn’t know before now, Tim Peake our amazing astronaut on the International Space Station is running the London Marathon! ON The International Space Station. When I first heard about this I was under the impression it would take him about 8 seconds to travel the full distance in something that orbits at around 7km per second. However Tim will be taking to the full 26.1 miles in the weightlessness environment, however he will be wearing a harness to ensure he stays stuck to the treadmill that he will be running the route on.  Check out this awesome video where Tim explains how he will be running the race.

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