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Friday Five 15th of April 2016

It has been a really good week here in the bat cave! The kids went back to school after an exhausting school holiday and things were quieter meaning more got done. So much got done we are now looking towards a way to help people with conversion, looking to employ a customer success manager in the next few months and we are looking to start offering rewards to customers and referrers alike! Watch this space for more news next week, but right now lets get on with the Friday Five!

This week saw a number of tech advancements and anniversaries along with some expensive tech launches and a little bit of fun, so you are getting a Saturday Six rather than a Friday Five!

Facebook Bots

This week the fearless leader at Facebook announced that Facebook will be allowing Bots to manage channels for conversation in their chat facility. I had a bit of a look at a few of them and to be honest with you, they are a bit like the Apple Watch for me at the moment, a really cool idea but oh boy there is a lot of work to do.

I have a 10 year old step daughter who I can never get a straight answer out of and you guessed it talking to some of these bots is very much like talking to a 10 year old that knows best and if you are not 100% crystal clear with your question, you get a touch of sarcasm thrown back at you.

I will be honest artificial intelligence has improved leaps and bounds since the days of the Darleks (lets face it who creates a baddy that can’t get up the stairs!) but with this step forward the programmers who opt to give this API a crack and build their own bots have a lot of work to do. I think we are looking at 18 months to two years before there is something sensible for small businesses to use that will benefit them!

WordPress Coleman

Quite a heart string tug for me this one. My grandfather had he still been alive would have been 100 years old this week and it is ironic that WordPress should release their next version (4.5) and name it Coleman after another Jazz legend Coleman Hawkins.

This release saw a number of new features, it makes it easier no more impossible jumping around to insert links into posts and pages it is now a simple cmd and k will bring up the link box in your edit window to make sure that you don’t have to jump around from screen to screen.

Hasselblad Release H6D-100

This one is for my photography friends! This particular camera released by Hasselblad is a whopping $28,000 to buy! Oh and if you want the 100megapixel version I believe that one is coming in at a meer $32,500!

Nessie Found By Sonar

Finally the Loch Ness Monster has been found! Yes last week it was a monster in the Thames this week they have actually found the monster itself, well the plastic monster that was used during the filming of ‘The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes’. The 30 foot model was originally built with humps but Billy Wilder the director said he didn’t want the humps and despite worries about the stability of the model in the water they were removed. Hasten to add that it eventually sank to the bottom of the Loch and was only discovered this week when a team looking for the real thing using Sonar discovered it.

Gorilla’s Can Dance!

Just a little bit of Friday fun with this one. Loved this video this week of a Gorilla dancing and playing! Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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