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Friday Five 13th May 2016

Friday Five 13th May 2016It has been another one of those crazy weeks here at UK Wedding SEO’s Bat Cave! So for this Friday Five I wanted to take you through 5 things you will learn from our blog in the next 10 days! And it will be a busy 10 days.

Our aim here at UK Wedding SEO isn’t only to help companies make their businesses a success but also to ensure that you learn good solid strategies and ways that you can improve things on your own. We are constantly learning and taking on new information, for example I’m currently taking courses that we will tell you all about in the coming weeks, the courses I am taking are designed to help us provide a better service for you, the benefit of it is from these courses I can pass some of that information on to you.

So what is coming your way in the next few weeks?


If you have a venue and want to book more corporate clients through your website, then we have a treat for you on Monday 16th of May! We will be looking at the traffic that you get, the percentages of people that leave your website without contacting you and how you can gather the information from every visitor to increase your leads and in turn your conversion!


You didn’t think I’d forget you did you? Ok well for my photography friends we have been doing a lot of research with regards to increasing conversion from your website visitors and turning them into leads. We have been looking into a number of methods of collecting information and we have some awesome results for you that might just help you convert more of your visitors into leads and bookings.

Bridal Boutiques

We all know that social media is a bit of a booster when it comes to a website’s SEO efforts as well as getting work out about your brand, however what if there were techniques that didn’t cost very much that would help you boost your social media presence and set off an autopilot for shares and content? Interested? OK we have this coming to you in the next few weeks as well, it is tried and tested and I think you will like it.

The Wedding Industry

When we were sitting around brainstorming the other day we were talking about the things that we get asked on a regular basis. What we realised is there is a whole load of information out there flying around on the best way of doing things and what to do, what not to do and how to make certain things happen. Well we decided that we will produce The Wedding Industry Blueprint to Online Marketing, it is going to have information on what you need to make your website move forward in the best possible way.

Website Speed

The last in our Friday Five this week is to tell you that we have a really important blog post coming in the next 10 days about Website Speed. You have a very limited time to impress a visitor to your website so a nice fast website is extremely important, we are going to give you some tips on how you can make sure that your website is nice and fast!

A Few Bonuses

As you might know we are Google Partners (we are a bit proud) which means every now and again we get some little bonuses through to us to pass on to you. This morning we got through some discount vouchers for anyone wanting to sign up for Google Apps, if you let us know that you would like to sign up then we have a link for you to go through and a nice pile of 20% off vouchers for your first year. Google Apps is an amazing for managing your online business and there is even an easy to use free trial for you to test it out.

The other bonus that came through was £3600 of Adwords vouchers! That isn’t a bad little bonus to be offering our clients. So here is what we are doing the next 30 people that sign up for an Adwords Campaign we are going to give one of 30 £120 vouchers to boost your adwords spend for the first month. So if you put £120+ into an adwords campaign with us then we will double it up to the value of the voucher! So if you have an average cost per click to your website of 25p per click that is an extra 480 potential clients through to your website on us to go with the extra 480 that your £120 will send! Check out our Adwords page now to see how you can benefit from a Pay per click campaign.

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