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Friday Five 1st of April 2016

One of the many new things we are going to be doing here at UK Wedding SEO is to update you on the five things we discovered during the previous week in our Friday Five series of posts. Starting on April Fools Day 2016 (Don’t panic everything here is legitimate, we hope).

Instagram Introduce 60 Second Videos

Untitled design (2)This week Instagram introduced longer videos up to 60 seconds in their feeds. Back on October 9th 2006 (yep nearly 10 years ago) I started shouting about the importance of video and the need for companies to introduce video into their marketing long term. That was the day a little company called Google purchased a small company that was less than 18 months old called YouTube. It doesn’t take a math genius to work out that the biggest search engine in the world paying $1.6BILLION for a company barely out of startup means that the future of their product is going to be important.

Within the next few months Instagram will no doubt be introducing adverts and fees for companies who are using Instagram to sell, however for now it is free…… my advice get in there quick with “How to” videos, instructional videos and testimonial videos. Don’t post the sort of rubbish that Facebook is encouraging you to post, you have a HD video camera in your pocket in the form of your smart phone, use that it is much better than dodgy video slide shows.

WordPress 4.5 Is Coming Soon

Wordpress MaintenanceYes we now know that the under development version of WordPress 4.5 is due for release around the 12th of April. This is the latest in big releases from WordPress that will see a number of improvements to the WordPress Toolbar, improvements to the plugin and theme updates, and a Two Factor Authentication for WordPress as well.

With WordPress releasing new versions every few months, it is important that you have the ability to update your WordPress site to the latest versions as they are released. You can go ahead and do the updates yourself or you can get a maintenance agreement with your designer or developer. Alternatively check out our maintenance agreements that will make sure your site is kept up to date and fully backed up.

Facebook ‘Your Business Story’

If you have your own Facebook Business Page then you have probably seen that you can create a video for your business in a few easy clicks. Don’t get over excited there is nothing ground breaking here. They will allow you to use photographs in your page feed to build a video with your message on it.

You can take a look at creating your own Facebook page video right here

Your iPhone Can Apparently Be Unlocked!

Untitled design (4)This is actually more important than a lot of people think and has two massive sides to the argument one of which is very close to home for me and my family. The main story is that the FBI asked Apple to unlock the phone of a suspected terrorist, this then throws open a whole load of issues with privacy etc, now it turns out that the police in the USA have also contacted the FBI who have now apparently managed to unlock the phone (without Apple’s help) to unlock another phone.

So what happens to your privacy at this point, well to be honest with patience most iPhones can be unlocked anyway. Here is the thing, a few years ago my young cousin was killed in a quad bike accident, her phone has been locked ever since, however my Uncle is a techy geek who never gives up on anything and there are some extremely important reasons why the family need access to that phone so they set about starting to try and here is how it works…

There are only 9999 possible combinations of code to unlock an iPhone (4 digits and only the numerical characters available this one is a bit of a no brainer), you get ten attempts before the phone temporarily locks itself. After a period of time the phone will allow you a further ten attempts at getting the code right. So in sequence trying from 0001 through to 9999 you will eventually get it right anyway. Understanding that the FBI aren’t exactly famed for their patience, I’m guessing they are not using this technique!

So on one hand you have the need to access information quickly for legal reasons and on the other hand you on the sad day that you leave this mortal coil, if you haven’t entrusted someone with the code to open your phone then the bereaved have no way of accessing your phone to alert your contacts of your sad demise. Unless of course you are doing things on your phone that you NEVER want anyone to know about that is a completely different story altogether.

Thought for the week ahead!

The start of this year has been a real eye opener for me and those closest to me. Big plans have gone to the wayside because of events, The Friday Five was supposed to start back in January but things just never turned out the way they were supposed to due to a very sad personal loss to the family. With this in mind and following the sad news that one of the best comedy minds of the past century passed away this week, I’d like to leave you with a Friday Laugh! Please enjoy the magic of the Two Ronnie’s and the Fork Handles!

Thanks for reading through our first Friday Five, next week we will take a look at five more stories from the week that can affect you and the way you do business.

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