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Email is the Thorn in my Side….

….or is it the pain in my ***?

Over the past few weeks we have launched 15 websites. Normally we would aim at 2 a week max but in the space of 8 days we launched 9 websites, so there hasn’t been much sleep going on at The Den I can promise you. However I have to say that most of the launches went fairly smooth without a hitch, others were a bit more complex due to external forces that the I have released my very own 005.5 to search and destroy.

The biggest issue of late has been email. Every one has a different email system, some download and store locally, others store things on a server. Some never delete ANYTHING others have 2 emails in their inbox and they feel they are being spammed as they have never had so many in one day (ok that is a bit of an exaggeration but hey it gets the point across). Emails going missing due to other peoples email servers being blacklisted, emails bouncing back because they are going to the wrong address, I’ve had the lot over the past few weeks. Well there is a solution for one and all and YES IT COSTS MONEY so if you don’t want to spend money on making sure your emails don’t vanish then don’t bother reading and please don’t moan (it’s like not voting in a general election, if you don’t do anything about it you don’t have the right to keep moaning).

If you want to get a mission critical (99.999999999999999999999% up and safe) emails system then I suggest and recommend using Google Apps ( It allows you to have your email through your own domain, your calendar attached to your email, shared documents, your Google+ and Google Places as well as your Contacts all on the Gmail system yet using your own email account. The cost is a whopping £3.30 per email address per month and for that if you decide you don’t want to delete anything ever you don’t have to cause you have 25GB of email space to store all your …..very important emails.

So why is it good? Well if your web server goes down or blows up your email still works. If you want to access your email anywhere and everywhere on the planet (iPhone, android, Windows phone, PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet etc) and the up time on it is incredible. As long as you have access to the interwebby you will be able to access your emails and contacts etc.

WAIT A SECOND….. before you run off to sign up then come back telling me I’m wrong and it didn’t work, you have to set it up properly. You need to import your files and you will need to read the help file on how to do this. You will need to import your contacts, your calendar and your email over, if you don’t IT WON’T BE THERE. So make sure you read the setup and you book in the time of the tech person you will need to move over from one to the other or you might well come a cropper!

So that is how I am now advising EVERYONE who asks me about email how to sort their emails issues.


  1. Andrew on July 30, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    Isn’t there still a free version for under 10 users?

    • Steve on July 30, 2012 at 7:35 pm

      Alas not it is now a paid solution for commercial blogs.

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