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Celebrating 5 Wonderful Years!

Celebrating 5 Wonderful YearsSitting in the office this morning and I’ve been asked around 3 times “How long have you been in business?” well my answer went from about 5 years to “Five Years” on receipt of an email from my contact at the Google Adwords team in London. The email read “Steve, I believe Wood is the 5th anniversary gift?”

This really wasn’t too much of a surprise as lately we have been saying 5 years more times then we realised as we continue to talk to people about growing their own businesses and how we have gone about growing our own. So on the eve of our 5th birthday I was in the middle of writing a number of blog posts and I thought it would be fun to write out 5 things we have learned working in Wedding Industry SEO for the past 5 wonderful years.

You are ALL Very Talented

We have seen so many amazing things in the past 5 years, quirky cakes, incredible bands, awesome fashion shows, outstanding awards ceremonies, brilliant product launches, tweetups  that are just something amazing. All of this comes down to the fact that you are ALL extremely talented and really know what you are doing and we take our hats off to you because without your amazing talents we wouldn’t have anything to promote for you so for this we thank you for being amazing!

Ivory Blindness is Real

We have seen some dresses in the past 5 years, well when I say some what I mean is thousands, tens of thousands of images on thousands of websites and we have to admit that yes ivory blindness does happen. Some websites we have worked with have had over 2500 different dresses it does get to the point where you are checking back to see if you have already worked on that page and then realising that you need to walk away for a few hours as you are seeing spots in front of your eyes!

Your Friends Don’t Always Understand

So there I was sitting in the church waiting for a childhood friend to wander down to the alter and marry the man she had planned to marry for the past few years! The one big secret had been the dress. Sat next to one of my oldest friends as she walked past I found myself leaning over to him and saying “Enzoani Dakota” Well for the ladies amongst us this would be a good thing to know but as a guy who works with computers knowing the designer and dress name isn’t the coolest thing in the world and comments of “Is there something you want to share with me?” and “I’m not exactly sure if you know this but it is ok to have a fetish or two you know?” Needless to say the ribbing continues!

Book Time Off After Harrogate

If you are reading this and you have never been to the Bridal Buyer Exhibition in Harrogate then a top tip from us would be to take at least 2 days off after you get back. Yes I understand you will be buzzing and busy and you will have loads of work to do but anyone that has been on a regular basis knows, you need to take time to recover, especially if you are working the show! Harrogate is an amazing town and the wedding industry has incredible people, however the mayhem of the days on your feet followed by the nights of gentle and light entertainment (insert sarcasm here) can take its toll on your return home.

We Would Not Change a Thing!

We have been in the office until 7am the morning after a 5am start to get projects finished, driven 650 miles in a round trip in a day, spent thousands of hours on the phone and emailing, written enough code to challenge War and Peace a hundred times over, recorded a stack of videos and built hundreds of thousands of links. Working an average 75 hour week every week no matter how we felt, all that and we wouldn’t change a single thing.

Thank you to all of you, clients, contacts, Twitter friends, Facebook Buddies, all of you we thank you. Here is to the next 5 wonderful years!

To celebrate our 5th anniversary we will be releasing a number of blog posts on here, videos on YouTube, Twitter Tips on Twitter and Facebook hints, you guessed it, on Facebook. Starting on Wednesday when we post about how to speed up your website and get better rankings because of it.

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