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How To Avoid Website Issues When Upgrading WordPress

Issues When Upgrading Wordpress

If you have had your WordPress website for a little while now you will know the bar at the top that utters the words to put the fear of the Titans into anyone will be coming to your website shortly…… ”WordPress 4.5 is available! Please Update Now.” This phrase puts the fear into us developers…

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Is your Hosting Effecting Your Website?

Is Your Hosting Effecting your Website?

I’ve been in the position many times when I have looked at the costs of starting an online business and one of the things that always comes up in the calculations is Hosting. In many cases when you are starting an online business and it is on a shoestring budget then you only need the…

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So This Just Happened

Certified Wordpress Consultant

During the past 18 years I’ve had my own business in one way or another, I’ve learned that it is important to constantly try to improve. After some digging around and some chatting with our clients I discovered that we were falling off in our delivery of projects and making sure that we kept our…

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