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Social Media

Turn Your Bridal Boutique Into A Social Media Machine

Social Media Machine

If you have been on social media for  while then you probably know it can be a bit of a nightmare to get people to share things for you and build your authority using sites like Twitter and Facebook. However if you are a Bridal Boutique then you have an advantage and there is a…

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A Letter To My Friends In Bridal Retail

Dear Bridal Retailers, I get it! Honestly I do, I completely understand your annoyance and your frustrations at the whole situation of what is happening with a certain high street chain store and a few of the designers that have supplied them with products. But for the love of small fluffy animals you are digging…

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Social and Antisocial Media

This post comes with a severe sarcasm warning! In my last post ( I pointed out that a good social media footprint was essential for making an impact in the search engines these days. And I find myself a few days later wondering what some people actually think social means? Below we look at the…

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Inbound Marketing Explosion

I tell my clients all the time to get their online social media strategy (or your inbound marketing strategy which includes a bit of everything) working for them in every way possible, get blogging and get talking to people and interacting with people on all social platforms. So when I saw this little gem of…

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You Can Now Google + Your Business

Yes it has been coming for a while but the thing that business owners and brands alike that have a geek streak in them like me have been waiting for has finally come! You can now have a Google + page for your business! Now before “certain” readers get carried away and see this as…

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Who Needs Social Media?

Firstly my deepest apologies for having not posted in a while things here at the den have been a little more manic than normal! Secondly anyone that has been trying to contact me in the past few days by telephone again my apologies, the phone is missing in action! Still turned on but for how…

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Three Fatal Site Errors One Unnamed Tog Has Made On Their Site

There I was minding my own business quite enjoying my Saturday Afternoon preparing some content for training, blog and replying to some client emails and all of a sudden I get a message on Twitter. I won’t point out which one it was but basically it accused me of never tweeting about SEO, which I…

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Are You Making Any Of These Mistakes?

I hate to think about the amount of websites I see on a day to day basis, through research, work and just messing around looking at things that are probably not doing my productivity much good (Twitter and Facebook before you read too much into that). Many of the small business websites I see I…

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What a Load of Old Twosh

Friday afternoon I was heading to the station for a whole 48 hours away from my desk when I received two tweet alerts on my phone. The first was lovely from someone I helped. The second is below (normally I wouldn’t leave names open but this bugged me quite a bit):   Doesn’t sound like…

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