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Saving Money

Black Friday Website Design Offers

Ok so you are right we don’t normally do this sort of thing but this year we are going back to grass roots! In our first year we gave away a website review for Christmas and we had 3 very lucky people who won and saw amazing results with the information we gave them. This…

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Hoops v Flash Websites

I have been quite vocal over the past few weeks about Flash programmed websites! I am pretty sure a few people think that I sit in SEO Den plotting to banish Flash from the planet, this isn’t true I just don’t to work with those sites here is why! This is reason one! This happens…

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The Perils of the Rip Off Merchants

I am as I am writing this post doing so reluctantly. Normally I refuse to write a blog post angry and I will go for a walk, take a few days out or even swallow some big chill pills in order to get my head clear before I write, then research and get the facts clear in my head!

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