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Turn Your Bridal Boutique Into A Social Media Machine

If you have been on social media for  while then you probably know it can be a bit of a nightmare to get people to share things for you and build your authority using sites like Twitter and Facebook. However if you are a Bridal Boutique then you have an advantage and there is a way you can turn your bridal boutique into a social media machine and get others to do the work for you. Around three years ago I presented an SEO presentation at the Harrogate Bridal Show, I was delighted when the room was packed and there was standing room only at the back, the problem was not everyone was as forward with their thinking as they should be. Tradition is a wonderful thing but there are ways to stay traditional and not get swallowed up by technology. So what is the plan go turn your bridal boutique into a social media machine? Let me explain!

Understanding Your Audience

The first and most important thing is understanding your audience. Now before the whole bridal boutique industry starts throwing things at the screen, let me expand on this. Your audience is changing and the way you work has changed over the years but there are a few who are still faxing (I didn’t even know you could still buy a fax until I visited a boutique a few weeks ago!) and who are not quite grasping that brides are getting younger and the age of the internet child is well and truly here. When I was 18 Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee was only just firing up the first ever html page on an internet browser. Now for the younger generation that is coming through that have never known anything but an internet flooded world, not being able to email someone is a very alien thing to them.

To understand your audience isn’t just to know what dresses a bride is looking for it is also to understand what you can do to turn your bookings into a machine that works for you, turning those groups into fans of your business to beat the jungle drums for you! Mark Zuckerberg (that really rich bloke that started Facebook in his dorm at Harvard University) recently said in a presentation to Facebook Developers that the average person looks at the home screen of their mobile phone 100 times a day! Now I know you are like me and sat there thinking, I don’t look at my phone 100 times….. oh look a panda playing with leaves! Yes we do, without knowing it we check our phones on a regular basis and don’t even know we are doing it. Your brides do, their families do and their friends do as soon as we understand this then we can move onto the next step.

Getting Your Accounts In Order

Not your financial accounts (I hear my accountant groan) but your social media accounts. Ensure that you have your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and any others you choose to use (YouTube is awesome as video ranks well and is amazing for SEO!) are up to date, even if you post once or twice a week on them you need to be active in some way to ensure that you are letting people know that they should be seeing a lot more of you. If you are not active then you are not showing in their social feeds and therefore you are forgettable. You can use a social media scheduling tool to be able to do this on a regular basis, spend an hour putting together your content, your posts, your photos and then sit back and let the software do all the work.

If you are struggling with content to your site then think about having a content generation campaign put in place for you. It will create content that goes out to promote your brand and it will ensure that you are gaining in authority across your online promotions and really help you move forward with your website ranking!

Ask Brides And Fitting Groups To Share

So once you have your bride in trying on her dress and there are no doubt at least one if not twenty people sat waiting for her to come out in her dress, and there they sit, their heads down and tapping away like crazy at their phones and tablets! Simply ask them to share where they are by checking in on Facebook or Tweeting their friends or even tweeting you!! Start a conversation with them, even if they are sitting in your boutique, because that conversation can continue and people see your brand on social media and your social media authority raises your website rank (can you see where we are going with this?). This is a key part of turning your bridal boutique into a social media machine.

The Secret Sauce The Social Media Machine

Social Media MachineNow the bit that makes all of the rest of it slot into place and make it all happen. Some of you might already be doing this and if you are spot on but so many companies fail to understand the value of doing this…… Offer FREE WIFI in your boutiques!

Check your contract with your internet provider with regards to the amount of data transfer you are allowed each month and offer it to your customers. The image here is perfect apart from one thing, it is missing the “Why not use our WIFI for Free? Here is the code!” That way your wifi stays secure to you and your customers.


So what have we achieved in doing all of the above, well you will increase the amount of chatter about you on social media, in doing this you will increase the authority of your website and in doing that you get better rankings in the search engines.

Your customers, your visitors and your friends are the best referral engine you could possibly look for in the business that you are in, any business not just the wedding industry, so make as much use out of it as possible and for the few quid each month that it could cost you for a few extra GB in data on your broadband, it is well worth the return. And that is how you turn your bridal boutique into a social media machine on auto pilot.


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