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Posts by Steve Hooper

SEO For 2014

Firstly a very very Happy New Year to all of you!! I hope that 2014 brings you fruitful and amazing leaps forward in all aspects of your lives. Secondly a few things about SEO in 2014 but before we start all that I’d just like to bring your attention to what happened in 2013. Back…

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A little news from UK Wedding SEO

On a day to day basis in the world of SEO, services are passed around from one place to another. I hear people now looking on blankly and saying “What are you going on about you crazy geek?” Well basically to run a full blown SEO campaign takes a lot of time and in many…

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Harrogate BBEH SEO Presentation

On Monday the 10th of March I was delighted to have been asked to present at the Bridal Buyer Exhibition in Harrogate. During the one hour presentation viewed by over 80 people on the day I promised I would post the slides up online so without hesitation below are the slides from the presentation. I…

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A Letter To My Friends In Bridal Retail

Dear Bridal Retailers, I get it! Honestly I do, I completely understand your annoyance and your frustrations at the whole situation of what is happening with a certain high street chain store and a few of the designers that have supplied them with products. But for the love of small fluffy animals you are digging…

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Social and Antisocial Media

This post comes with a severe sarcasm warning! In my last post ( I pointed out that a good social media footprint was essential for making an impact in the search engines these days. And I find myself a few days later wondering what some people actually think social means? Below we look at the…

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SEO in 2013

First thing a Very Happy New Year to everyone. Word of warning, this one is a bit war and peace but follow it and you will be successful. For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you will know that over the past few months I have been sharing a lot of valuable content…

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