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Are You Stuffing It Up By Stuffing Your Keywords?

(Please note that the word Keyword can mean a Keyphrase which is more than one word with the relevance to your website)

Keyword Stuffing on Wedding WebsitesTime and time again I see people posting out on Twitter “We have launched our new website please take a look!” And doing what I do I waste no time in hitting the link and heading over to take a look. As soon as I get there I scan through the site checking the site has a nice feel and look to it before I send out a message about it telling others. The next thing I do is take a look at the code to make sure that the designers have done the right thing with. Now before I continue I would like to say designers have my upmost respect, however they don’t all know enough about SEO to give their designs the viewing they deserve.

One of the main things I see when I get to the code of websites is missing tags, mainly the title, description and keyword tags which are pretty basic and one of the first things people get taught when learning SEO. The other end of the spectrum is to have what is known as “Keyword Stuffing”. This is where every page on the site contains hundreds of keywords in the hope that Google will see that as the content of the page.

There are a few points I would like to make about this, first for me as someone who is a geek and can make just as much sense out of the code on a website as I can the actual website itself, it looks ugly! (that is the least of the problems this method creates) The second point is to have all the same information on every page is bad practice and does you no favours when it comes to SEO what so ever.

My final point is the phrase “Keyword Stuffing” has become well known because it is a method that is outlawed by search engines and is one that damages your sites search score in the search engines. So where you could put the word “Wedding” into your keywords a thousand times it would actually do nothing for you and actually end up doing more harm than good.

So with today being the 1st day of Advent and Christmas just around the corner my message is going to be “If you stuff you will be stuffed!” and it will do you no good!

Your keywords in your keyword tag should consist of three carefully chosen keywords based on the research that you have done to discover your keywords. Don’t assume that because you see a keyword with thousands of searches against it in your keyword discovery tool that it is good to rank for. You might just find out the hard and expensive way that there is no real conversion in those keywords.

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