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Are you Planning your Wedding Business Blog? (Part 2)

Wordpress LogoSo as promised this is the second blog post in the series “Are you Planning your Wedding Blog?” In part one we spoke about the importance of staying on subject and making sure that you keep your content relevant to the audience that you want arriving on your blog. In this part I will talk about the importance of planning your blog posts in advance and the research that can help you find things to write about.

One of the best ways to get a good response from your blog is to write a post that is objective or helpful with regards to something that is in the news or been written about by someone else. Just last week I was asked to comment on a blog and I have to admit it threw me off a little and I ended up writing a blog post in reply as a comment wouldn’t have been detailed enough. Now even though this threw out what I had planned it actually set up some more of my posts perfectly. So I looked over what I had planned and went back and did a little bit of a rewrite and presto more content.

So why plan. At the moment this blog is only just taking off which means that I have only been posting a few items a week, but as things start to move a little better I will be posting between 4 and 6 times every week in order to ensure that I am getting enough information out to people on a regular basis. Now it isn’t always possible for a small business to find the time to write informative and detailed blog posts. However it is similar to if you schedule tweets, you can schedule your blog posts.

I usually write my blog posts like this one on a Saturday afternoon. I research in the morning, where necessary, and then I write while I listen to the radio. Alternatively I have to go to London once a month for a meeting and and I research on the train think about what I am going to write and then on the way home I write the blog posts for the week.

Writing your blog posts should become business habit rather than a chore. If you look at it as a way of communicating not only useful information but the message your company is aiming to get across to the clients and suppliers alike.

Another thing it allows you to do is let your competition know that is exactly what they have, serious competition. I was asked today “What chance do I have to rank for that keyword?” My reply was relevant to this post, “How many times have you blogged about it?” the answer to that question will be the making and the breaking of the campaign to get ranked. The more you talk about it the more traffic you will get for it. Hence your reasons behind planning your blog.

I have to admit that part three, four and five of this series of posts are still in construction, mainly because I am not sure in which order to let you all see them! So my next post later this week will be what to write about on your blog.

* UPDATE! I guess you have noticed that this post was written before the announcement yesterday of a certain Royal Wedding. However the rules still apply keep it regular and keep it up to date and you will get the traffic! Don’t over do it on the Royal Wedding though as not everyone will appreciate it!  “What to Write About on your Blog!” is coming next!


  1. Claire on November 19, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    Another thought-provoking blog post, thanks for this. I agree with your advice on scheduling blog posts, planning then sitting and writing a few at once, it’s what I do for my calligraphy blog but I’m not so good at it for the English Wedding site… and I wish I could follow your advice more closely on that one!

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts about two things, I don’t know if they’re already covered in your plans for the next parts of this little series, but I wonder if you have any advice on using images (products, lifestyle) in wedding business blogs, and also about balancing product / business blog posts with a few personal updates.

    As for the Royal Wedding… oh dear. English Wedding is doing a bit of a focus on this at the moment. But hopefully I’ll get away with it because I’m blogging about the industry reaction to the news, and probably not in a predictable way. We’ll see!

  2. Andrew on November 20, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    Interesting blog but I am very curious to know just how many people read wedding related blogs. Or to put it another way, how many brides to be (potential clients) read a wedding videographers blog. Even more importantly, how many clients to be are influenced to buy after reading a blog. I suspect very few.

    Therefore, wouldn’t it make more sense to invest all that time and effort perfecting the sales pitch (however you disguise it) on a website? After all, a website is where a business centralises it’s marketing. That’s where the proverbial ‘buy now’ button is no?

    I could blog all day. Off topic it must be said, but then there is only so much you can write about making wedding videos and if the sole purpose is to get quality traffic (brides to be, not competitors or fellow tweeters) I think you would be better off in the true SEO world and not the DIY SEO world. Buy an SEO contract! 🙂

    • WeddingSEO on November 20, 2010 at 8:36 pm

      Thanks for your comment Andrew.

      Not sure I completely agree. Not everyone is in a position to get a full on SEO contract (unfortunately) hence the reason people are looking for tips on what to blog about and why. As for only having a few things to talk about, I am pretty sure there is always something new happening in most industries that can be spoken about on blogs. In your case on the video side of things there is the ever changing technology to talk about. I know friends of mine in the video industry are blogging like crazy about 3D at the moment.

      One of the things I have prepared in the next part of this series is things to write about because of the fact that people see limitations on what they can write about. However any SEO no matter what level that doesn’t tell you to get a blog and get active isn’t doing their job properly. Websites with new up to date content (hence regular blogging) rank better in the search engines so for me when I am in a consultation the first thing I tell people is they need a blog or they need to get blogging more often. The more pages you have the more chance people will find you and you will rank for more keywords.

      Hope this helps

  3. Claire on December 5, 2010 at 9:42 am

    I keep coming back to these blog posts – I have 2 friends who are a bit daunted about beginning a blog for their wedding business and aren’t sure where to start. I’ll be writing my own post along similar lines soon on English Wedding. There are a couple of things I disagree with but on the whole I couldn’t agree more about blogging helping a business.
    I would expect that a wedding videographer’s blog, done well, would get good targeted traffic. If you look at wedding photographers those that blog get a lot of interest (and comments) for their work. If the videographers aren’t doing it so much yet I’d say this is going to change as blogs get bigger in 2011.
    Also from a search point of view, I would recommend blogging to anyone. I’ve blogged for a couple of years with a focus on latest work and new products for my business, and around 40% of my traffic to my main site comes from my blog (whose images rank highly in search). Blogging on topic has been invaluable for me. Hope that helps.

  4. wedding jewellery on March 3, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    Just reading back old posts for advice and this is a good one! I have noticed an increase in traffic since concentrating on my blog and once you start writing it regularly it does become a habit!

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