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We Don't Just Build Websites, We Build Businesses!

For the past five years UK Wedding SEO have been providing website services to the wedding industry to the wedding industry. Our founder Steve Hooper has spoken at numerous industry events and been featured in top industry magazines offering help and advice to all areas of the industry on how to design, promote and manage their websites so they get the best from their online efforts.

Our team have an incredible diverse range of skills and we have been working hard to ensure that we stay up to date with all areas of promotion as the world of SEO, Social Media, Websites and all that malarky progresses and becomes a lot more competitive.

With over 19 years experience working in and around the internet doing things like building websites, managing online events, social media, SEO, conversion, you name it chances are we have experience and expertise in finding a solution.

Our Main Man

The first website I ever designed is actually still out there somewhere, which when you consider it is the same age as Google must say something. OK So it isn’t as big as Google but making sure that the work you do on your website lasts long term is something very important.

I see thousands of web pages each week and most of them are missing that important sprinkle of magic dust to get them ranked in Google, Yahoo and the up and coming Bing. This is through no fault of the company that owns the site but more due to web developers wanting to provide a pretty site for their client, nothing wrong in that if you want a pretty site. Very little thought is given to Conversion and Traffic to the website.

With my ever growing friend base on Twitter becoming more and more orientated towards the lovely people in the wedding industry, I decided that it would be a good idea to set up a section of my company to specialise in offering SEO services and advice to that very sector.

Our Story

Opportunity comes along when you least expect it. When Steve was sat awaiting to go into his first Wedding Industry Awards ceremony he was given the news that his company was set up and ready to go. Moments later he walked into a room of people that he is lucky enough to call friends, all 300 of them!

During the past 5 years Steve has along side the team built hundreds of websites and promoted just as many companies. Our moto is "We don't just build websites we build companies!" and this very important mindset is what drives us to provide not only an amazing set of products but a great service to WOW our customers.

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