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A little news from UK Wedding SEO

On a day to day basis in the world of SEO, services are passed around from one place to another. I hear people now looking on blankly and saying “What are you going on about you crazy geek?” Well basically to run a full blown SEO campaign takes a lot of time and in many cases that time is due to the fiddly tasks that are required to make everything work smoothly. Due to our success and the increase in demand on our services in the Wedding SEO industry we do have to take on extra team members to help us during extremely busy times and as we are sure that you can appreciate some times of the year are much busier than others.

Over the past few months we have had team members, both internally and external contractors join the team as we weigh up if they match up to our exacting standards to deliver SEO excellence we offer to our clients within the industry. We feel it is important that you all know that the work on your campaigns is not carried out by a single person and it is a team effort to ensure we give you the best quality service you deserve. Unfortunately in the past few months we have had an external contractor that hasn’t delivered in the way that we had hoped and we have taken the appropriate action to ensure that this individual is no longer part of our valid team.

With this in mind I feel as the head of the team it is important to introduce the pivotal members of our team who work in house on all our campaigns and websites so you get to know them over the coming months as your website campaigns bring you new business.

For those of you who have had a website developed by ourselves you will have met the amazing Louise who is by far the calmest and most sane person in the office, and yes that is saying something. Louise has a degree in graphic design and develops our websites in WordPress working alongside myself making sure that the sites are user friendly and pretty at the same time.

New to the team (well the office team anyway) is Peter who is our new Operations Director and charged not only with some of the day to day running of the SEO campaigns but also with the ongoing running of the company. Having run his own business for the past 6 years he is more than qualified to make sure you are all well looked after and kept fully up to date on what is happing on your campaigns.

We are confident that the team we have is one of the best and our level of service will continue to improved and we can give you all the confidence that your website is in safe hands from both a design and SEO point of view. I will ensure going forward that team members deliver and that the blip of the past few months will never happen again.

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