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A Letter To My Friends In Bridal Retail

Dear Bridal Retailers,

I get it! Honestly I do, I completely understand your annoyance and your frustrations at the whole situation of what is happening with a certain high street chain store and a few of the designers that have supplied them with products. But for the love of small fluffy animals you are digging your own online grave!!!! Now before you all go getting your something blue in a knot hear me out!

A massive part of the whole SEO thing is to build the reputation of your site, which means getting mentioned in lots of places that are relevant to your brand and what you are trying to sell. So over the past 24 hours all of the major organisations, major blogs, major designer labels and social media networks have been ALIVE with people talking about the brand that you are all so desperate to see go into bridal demise!

I hear screams of “What the hell are you talking about geek boy?” have you ever heard the phrase “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about!” (Oscar Wilde)? Well that works in the same way for social media and SEO. Although updates have stopped the Google algorithm stopping what was known as “Google bombs” (following the White House coming top for “miserable failure” during the George W Bush administration), it is still possible to get ranked quickly for tough terms with a lot of publicity, good or bad!

So below is an indication on how the brand in question has gained a huge amount of brand mentions in the past few days:

Bridal Retail

As you can see it is a fairly huge leap forward for them without actually doing anything to promote their new project! You the bridal industry is helping push this forward for them and making sure that your websites get outranked by the high street discount retail store.

This isn’t rocket science, every Tweet, Facebook post and blog post that you put out has a positive effect on them and a negative effect on your own website. I’m not saying stop it I am saying be careful about continuously mentioning the brand that you are looking to show your feelings for and think about how you can turn it into a positive for your businesses! I know not easy and your fuming at the moment but I honestly believe you will be more fuming when you are sat checking your Google Rankings and you suddenly see that you are out ranked by them because you have given them so much online publicity!

So as I sit here watching the snow fall with a hot cup of tea, my advice to my friends in the industry who have been so horribly upset by this whole situation is to find a happy nickname for this brand to vent at because they are rubbing their hands together at the fact that you are promoting their new project for them. And if you don’t want to do that then spend the effort and energy into promoting your own brand cause long term you will benefit!

And for those designers and suppliers looking to offload old stock, I completely agree with Rachel Southwood at Wedding Ideas Magazine that they should be looking to support charities and organisations such as The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation  to help those that need the help!

Lots of Love!


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