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Archive for November 2015

So This Just Happened

Certified Wordpress Consultant

During the past 18 years I’ve had my own business in one way or another, I’ve learned that it is important to constantly try to improve. After some digging around and some chatting with our clients I discovered that we were falling off in our delivery of projects and making sure that we kept our…

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Black Friday Started Early!

Black Friday Started Early

So unless you have been completely ignoring your email you would have noticed that Black Friday Started Early this year! For those of you wondering where this came from it is an American tradition that the last Friday in November is the day to get special offers at the shops and online. Strangely this scramble…

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Want to Know What Will Get You Ranked on Google? Oh OK Then!

Ranked on Google

Well if you have been working on getting sites ranked for ages then chances are you already know what works and what doesn’t but the mystery of what is in the Google algorithm and what gets you ranked on Google and what doesn’t has remained exactly that…………Until NOW! On the 12th of November 2015 Google…

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Celebrating 5 Wonderful Years!

Sitting in the office this morning and I’ve been asked around 3 times “How long have you been in business?” well my answer went from about 5 years to “Five Years” on receipt of an email from my contact at the Google Adwords team in London. The email read “Steve, I believe Wood is the…

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