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Archive for July 2012

Get Rid of WordPress SPAM with this Akismet Tutorial

Over the past few days there has been the release of a new piece of what we call Black Hat SEO Software. The people that use this software are looking for a quick SEO fix that will get found out and by Google and punished. However the massive downside of this software is a massive…

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Email is the Thorn in my Side….

….or is it the pain in my ***? Over the past few weeks we have launched 15 websites. Normally we would aim at 2 a week max but in the space of 8 days we launched 9 websites, so there hasn’t been much sleep going on at The Den I can promise you. However I…

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How Fast does SEO Work?

I get asked on a daily basis “when can I expect to see results from my SEO?” or “How fast does SEO work?” or my favourite at the moment “My site launched 3 weeks ago and my traffic hasn’t gone up, Why?” For once this actually got the better of me and I was driven…

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