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Archive for April 2011

Three Reasons You Need Video

With our resent alliance with Aardvark Corporate Films and the ever growing Conversion rates for sites that have video I thought it was important to let you all know of a few points on why video is so important. Many people say to me I hate being in front of the camera and make any…

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We are Branching Out

Over the past few years the importance of brand has become more and more important with regards to getting ranked, noticed and to bring in visitors and customers to your website. In resent changes that Google made to their search algorithm we have started to notice even more how important it is to get your…

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Three Fatal Site Errors One Unnamed Tog Has Made On Their Site

There I was minding my own business quite enjoying my Saturday Afternoon preparing some content for training, blog and replying to some client emails and all of a sudden I get a message on Twitter. I won’t point out which one it was but basically it accused me of never tweeting about SEO, which I…

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