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Archive for March 2011

Are You Making Any Of These Mistakes?

I hate to think about the amount of websites I see on a day to day basis, through research, work and just messing around looking at things that are probably not doing my productivity much good (Twitter and Facebook before you read too much into that). Many of the small business websites I see I…

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Fed Up With People Stealing Your Content?

I see this every day at the moment, someone has seen their content appear on a website without permission. As sad as I know it is that people steal content there are some solutions that you can put in place in order to try and prevent it. Unfortunately as with everything the UK is behind…

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Hoops v Flash Websites

I have been quite vocal over the past few weeks about Flash programmed websites! I am pretty sure a few people think that I sit in SEO Den plotting to banish Flash from the planet, this isn’t true I just don’t to work with those sites here is why! This is reason one! This happens…

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Express Site Reviews Are Officially Here!

Over the last few months the number of site reviews that we have written has been incredible and some of the results that people are seeing because of them has left even us wondering why we didn’t do them ages ago. There is a slight issue though….some still find them a little expensive. So we…

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