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Archive for February 2011

What a Load of Old Twosh

Friday afternoon I was heading to the station for a whole 48 hours away from my desk when I received two tweet alerts on my phone. The first was lovely from someone I helped. The second is below (normally I wouldn’t leave names open but this bugged me quite a bit):   Doesn’t sound like…

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Are you Building the Right Links for Your Website?

Just in case you didn’t see it I have a February offer on site reviews, well I have to say the take up has been fantastic. The thing is the more site reviews I do the more I see a trend that people don’t completely understand how they should be building links. I understand that…

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Facebook Page Alerts…Again? But this time from Facebook!

It seems like only 5 minutes ago I was being asked about alerts from Facebook Business pages. Back then I was telling you all that there was a service that had the ability to do it and it was going to be the answer to everyones prayers. Well I think the gods over at Facebook…

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Who Wants to Swap Links?

Finally someone pushed me over the edge. I have lost count of the number of times I see this tweeted in a week! “I am looking for people to exchange links with” or “Who wants to swap links with me?” So because of the fact we are in the industry of love I am going…

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Sharing More Than A Little February Love

I know that February is a month of love and sharing, so being in the industry with the most love in the world (weddings not SEO) I think it is time for a nice big discount for February! Now many of you know that I offer a Site Review service which has been proving very…

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