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Archive for November 2010

Are Your Website Visitors Spying On You??

I am hearing more and more about people having dips in their traffic from search engines, Google especially! Google is a beast and a bit of a nightmare at the moment, they change their search methods on a month by month basis. First it was Google Instant where you are given search results as you type, making your search experience faster as Google predicts what you are searching for. Now we have the Magnify Glass!!

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What to Write About on your Blog?

I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard the words “I can’t blog I have nothing to say!” and believe me when you are trying to convince someone that no one knows their business better than they do it can sometimes feel like you are trying to convince them to sell their soul to the devil. However after a few hints and tips they soon see that they have more to write about than they first thought.

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Are you Planning your Wedding Business Blog? (Part 2)

So as promised this is the second blog post in the series “Are you Planning your Wedding Blog?” In part one we spoke about the importance of staying on subject and making sure that you keep your content relevant to the audience that you want arriving on your blog. In this part I will talk about the importance of planning your blog posts in advance and the research that can help you find things to write about.

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Are you Buying your Way to the Top of Google?

This is kind of a knee jerk blog post in reaction to a conversation I have been having on Twitter with Adam (@toptableplanner) and our friends at County Marquees (@County_Marquees) regarding being outranked for paid links and how competitors are outranking sites with only paid links.

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So What does the Royal Wedding Mean for your Business?

So there I was yesterday minding my own business and planning a few blog posts for you lovely people and I had an excited phone call from my Mum! (Yep my Mum still calls me and tells me stuff like that!) “There is going to be a Royal Wedding it is very exciting!” She shouted! However my slightly more analytical mind started working in other ways.

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