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123-Reg Highlight The Importance Of Website Backup And Maintenance

13Some people say that I sound like a broken record when I harp on about the importance of backing up your websites and making sure that you have everything up to date on them. Well 123-Reg who are our domain registrar of choice have not only proved why we don’t use them for our recommended hosting provider but also why we recommend people need to have a third party backup service for their website.

What Happened?

Well it would seem that during a “clean up” that someone hit the wrong button and successfully deleted a stack of what are known as Virtual Private Servers. These VPS’s can hold thousands of websites. Apparently 67 of these servers were accidently deleted and wiped from existence.

Many of the websites were recovered this week and their clients are back up and running but it brings into the spotlight the importance of having a backup plan for your website.

So What Can You Do To Keep Your Website Safe?

Well you need to make sure that your website is backed up on a regular basis. Daily is good just in case there are any updates that have been made on a regular basis to your website a daily backup is a really good way to go to ensure that you are getting all of your updates backed up.

Make sure that your website is fully updated and you have all the latest plugins and core updates to your website. These can be regular and often but ensuring that you have all these along with a regular backup of your website will ensure that your data remains safe.

How Long Does It All Take?

Well the beauty of technology is that most of it can be automated but there are a few risks involved in automating your updates without checking the site as you go. Plugins have a habit of breaking a site when they are left to their own devices or updates come with new funky features that the developers think will help your website but things need turning off if you don’t want to use them in that particular way.

Can We Help?

Well yes! Our maintenance packages ensure that your WordPress website get the care and attention that they need along with making sure that you are fully backed up and supported at the same time. Imagine if you could rely on your site being fully backed up along with any support tasks you might have for your website up to 30 minutes per task being carried out within the agreement.

So if you are interested in not being a victim of losing your entire website for a week or maybe longer because someone with a happy trigger finger at your hosting company clicked the wrong button then why not drop us a line and see how our maintenance packages can keep you safe and ensure that your business continues on when hic ups happen.



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